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LINGO allows you to express, solve and graph math programming models
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LINGO is a great program that allows you to express, solve, and graph math programming models. It has his own programming language that includes two syntax types: LINDO or LINGO. LINDO syntax is the LINGO simplified language, but most of the users prefer the LINGO syntax because of its flexibility and usability. LINGO allows you to solve linear, nonlinear, quadratic, quadratically constrained, and integer problems, and obtains the best result for the problem optimization (nonlinear problems require an additional license). One very useful feature I found is that the program includes callable DLL and OLE interfaces that allows you to work with other applications, e.g. LINGO can be called from a database application, Excel, Visual Basic, and more. You can also export the information results to other applications. LINGO includes many useful examples suitable for solving problems. The Trial version allows you to use all the features of the full version but has restricted the maximum problem dimensions.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • LINGO allows you to solve many math optimization problems including linear, nonlinear, quadratic, quadratically constrained, and integer problems


  • Trial version works only for 60 days
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